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ICTs for a Sustainable World #ICT4SDG

Ramjee Prasad

Ramjee Prasad, Founding Director CTIF, Aalborg University - ITU-T Academia, and Founding Chairman GISFI


"The role of ITU standardization for advancing research innovation and academic education"

Standardization is very important for economic growth in a global context-both for developed and developing countries; it is a strong tool for creating a green economy and has key place within education with new technologies. In addition, standardization also has a strong social dimension. Building on the benefits of mutual academic and research collaboration through participation in global standardization, offers graduate and post-graduate students the possibility to experience research and education on a new level, and to develop the necessary skills to fill leadership positions in a wide range of fields, including design and production, research and evaluation, analysis, technology integration, and teaching with highly novel technologies. Academic participation in standardization gives a focus on research and education in existing and emerging technologies with a response to the realistic social dynamics and towards the creation of economic value. This talk is based on the experience and current dimension of novel research and education at the Center for TeleInfrastruktur at Aalborg University through its active participation in ITU-T standardization activities.