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Meeting results concerning Recommendations

Actions taken on Recommendations at the 21 January 2016 Study Group 12 plenary

1.1 Recommendations consented for Last Call (AAP – Recommendation A.8)

ITU-T Rec. No.Provisional numberTitle
G.1028G.VoLTEEnd-to-end QoS for voice over 4G mobile networks
P.807P.INTELLSubjective Test Methodology for Assessing Speech Intelligibility
P.1312Method for the measurement of the communication effectiveness of multiparty telemeetings using task performance

 1.2 Revised Recommendations

ITU-T Rec. No.TitleQuestion
P.800.1Mean Opinion Score (MOS) terminology2/12
Y.1564Ethernet service activation test methodology17/12

 2. Agreed informative texts

Y.1540New Appendix IX: Explanation of TCP-based measurement inadequacy to meet Normative Requirements17/12
E.SUPPL.FTSONew Supplement: QoS/QoE Framework for the transition from network oriented to service oriented operations12/12
P.imp10Implementers Guide to Recommendation ITU-T P.10/G.100 Amd.42/12
P.imp863-1Implementer's Guide on assessment of EVS coded speech with P.8639/12
P.imp863-2Implementer's Guide on non-validated test conditions with inserted gaps in speech by P.8639/12
P.imp863-3Implementer's Guide on discrimination of wideband and super-wideband speech by P.8639/12
P.imp863-4Implementer's Guide on correction of P.863 regarding reverb9/12

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