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Meeting results concerning Recommendations

SG12 Meeting results, Geneva, 7-16 June 2016

1. Reco​​mmendations consented at this meeting      

ITU-T Rec. No.Question ​Reference New/Rev. Title
P.800.1 ​2/12 TD1025 Rev.1 (GEN/12) Rev. Mean opinion score (MOS) terminology
P.800.2 ​2/12 TD1028 (GEN/12) Rev. Mean opinion score interpretation and reporting
​P.10/G.100 Amd.5 ​2/12 TD1031 (GEN/12) ​Rev. ​New definitions for inclusion in Recommendation ITU-T P.10/G.100 - Amendment 5
P.381 ​3/12 ​TD1021 Rev.1 (GEN/12) ​Rev. Technical requirements and test methods for the universal wired headset or headphone interface of digital mobile terminals
​P.382 ​3/12 ​TD1020 Rev.2 (GEN/12) ​New ​Technical requirements and test methods for multi-microphone wired headset or headphone interfaces of digital wireless terminals
​P.130510/12 TD942 Rev.3 (GEN/12) ​New ​Effect of delays on telemeeting quality
​G.1011 ​13/12 ​TD1003 Rev.3 (GEN/12) ​Rev. ​Reference guide to quality of experience assessment methodologies
​G.1050 ​13/12 TD940 (GEN/12) ​Rev. ​Network model for evaluating multimedia transmission performance over Internet Protocol
​G.1022 ​17/12 TD938 Rev.3 (GEN/12) ​New ​Buffer Models for Media Streams on TCP Transport
​Y.1540 ​17/12 TD939 Rev.1 (GEN/12) ​Rev. Internet protocol data communication service – IP packet transfer and availability performance parameters

2. Texts agreed at this meeting

 Doc#Question ​Reference Title
G.1028.Impl.11/12 ​TD999 Rev.1 (GEN/12) Implementer's guide to Recommendation G.1028