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Meeting results concerning Recommendations

​Actions taken on Recommendations at the 11 September 2014 meeting Study Group 12 Plenary

1. Recommendations approved (AAP – Recommendation A.8)

ITU-T Rec. No. Title Question Reference
P.863Perceptual objective listening quality assessment9/12TD433R2
P.863.1Application guide for Recommendation ITU-T P.8639/12TD434R1

2. Recommendations consented for Last Call (AAP – Recommendation A.8)

 2.1 New Recommendations

ITU-T Rec. No. Provisional number Title Question Reference
P.340/Amd.1 Transmission characteristics and speech quality parameters of hands-free terminals – Amendment 1: New Annex B6/12TD532
P.501/Amd.2 Test signals for use in telephonometry – Amendment 2: New Annex C6/12TD510R2
P.1302P.ACQSubjective method for simulated conversation tests addressing speech and audiovisual call quality10/12TD503
P.1311P.SAM-part 1Method for determining the intelligibility of multiple concurrent talkers10/12TD499R1
P.1401/Cor.1 Methods, metrics and procedures for statistical evaluation, qualification and comparison of objective quality prediction models – Corrigendum 19/12TD529
G.1091G.QRTPQoE Requirements for Telepresence Services13/12TD538
Y.1546Y.15HOHand-over performance among multiple access networks17/12TD502R1

3. Agreed informative texts

 Doc# Title Question Reference
P.502/Amd.2Objective test methods for speech communication systems using complex test signals – Amendment 2: Updated Appendix III6/12TD533R1