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Meeting results concerning Recommendations

Actions taken on Recommendations at the 14 May 2015 Study Group 12 plenary

1. Recommendations consented for Last Call (AAP – Recommendation A.8)

1.1 New recommendations

ITU-T Rec. No. Provisional number Title Question Reference
G.1071G.OMVASOpinion model for network planning of video and audio streaming applications13/12TD680R3
P.1130P.VSSRSubSystem Requirements for Automotive Speech Services4/12TD625R1
P.1140P.emergencySpeech communication requirements for emergency calls originating from vehicles4/12TD636R2
P.10/G.100/Amd.4 Vocabulary for performance and quality of service – Amendment 42/12TD717R3
P.501/Amd.3 Test signals for use in telephonometry – Amendment 3: New Annex D6/12TD706

 1.2 Revised Recommendations      

ITU-T Rec. No. Title Question Reference
G.100.1The use of the decibel and of relative levels in speechband telecommunications2/12TD703
G.107The E-model: a computational model for use in transmission planning8/12TD709
G.107.1Wideband E-model8/12TD709
G.1011Reference guide to quality of experience assessment methodologies13/12TD715R1
P.313Transmission characteristics for cordless and mobile digital terminals3/12TD723R1
P.834Methodology for the derivation of equipment impairment factors from instrumental models8/12TD709
P.834.1Extension of the methodology for the derivation of equipment impairment factors from instrumental models for wideband speech codecs8/12TD709

 2. Agreed informative texts

 Doc# Title Question Reference
P.806/Amd.1A subjective quality test methodology using multiple rating scales - Appendix III: ITU-T P.806 test instructions in Chinese Mandarin7/12TD711