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WP1/5 and WP2/5 Last Meeting Executive Summary

Executive Summary of the Working Party 1 and Working Party 2 of ITU-T Study Group 5 Meeting (Geneva, 23-29 July 2014)




Participants: 70 - The final list of participants is available in TD645rev2.
Contributions: 50
TDs (not counting the revisions): 104
Incoming liaison statements: 11
Outgoing liaison statements: 6

Main discussions and results

Working Party 1/5 and Working Party 2/5 met from 23 to 29 July 2014, in Geneva, Switzerland. SG5 Chairman provide a brief overview of the last TSAG and Review Committee meetings.

TSB Secretariat announced the creation of a new collaboration tool for delegates, based on a SharePoint platform (, as contained in TD602. This tool can offer many collaboration mechanism using Web2.0 technologies. Delegates are invited to use the site, provide comments and suggest improvements in order to make it more useful and adapted to expectations and needs of the SG5 experts.

Meeting Reports:

The Draft Report of Working Party 1/5 can be found in TD688rev1.
The Draft Report of Working Party 2/5 can be found in TD686rev2.

Working Party 1/5 – Damage prevention and safety 

Working Party 1 made significant progress on its Work Programme and achieved the following key outcomes:

Question 1/5 - Copper cables, networks and fibre-optic connection hardware for broadband access

Question 2/5 - Protective components and assemblies

Question 3/5 - Interference to telecommunication networks due to power systems and electrified railway systems

Question 4/5 - Resistibility and safety in telecommunications

Question 5/5 - Lightning protection and earthing of telecommunication systems

New Work Items
WP1/5 approved the creation of the following work items:

Working Party 2/5 – Electromagnetic fields: emissions, immunity and human exposure 

Working Party 2 made significant progress on its Work Programme and achieved the following key outcomes:

Question 6/5 - EMC issues arising from the convergence of IT and communication equipment

Question 7/5 - Human exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) due to radio systems and mobile equipment

Question 8/5 - EMC issues in home networks

Question 9/5 - Generic and product family EMC recommendations for telecommunication equipment

Question 10/5 - Security of telecommunication and information systems concerning the electromagnetic environment

Question 11/5 - EMC requirements for the information society

New Work Items
WP2/5 approved the creation of the following work items:

Dates of next SG5 meeting and interim Working Party meetings

No face-to-face meetings are planned for WP1 and WP2 before the next SG5 meeting.The next meeting of ITU-T SG5 is planned to take place from 8 to 19 December 2014 in Kochi, India.

Meetings of the Regional Groups of SG5

The next meetings of teh reegional groups will be hled as follows:

Focus Group on Smart Sustainable Cities (FG-SSC)

A technical report on "EMF Considerations"is being developed within the Focus Group on Smart Sustaianble Cities. An e-meeting to discuss this technical report took place on 25 July 2014 in conjuction with WP2/5.

Rapporteur group meetings (including e-meetings)

Please click here for the complete list of planned meetings.  

Results in terms of Recommendations and Other Publications

Please click here to see the meeting results concerning the Recommendations.

Updates in the SG 5 Management Team and Rapporteurs

Click here for the complete list of the newly appointed SG5 Rapporteurs and Associate Rapporteurs.
Click here for the complete list of newly appointed SG5 management team. 

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