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WP3/5 Last Meeting Executive Summary

Executive Summary of the Working Party 3 of ITU-T Study Group 5 Meeting (Geneva, 19-23 May 2014)




Participants:  87 - The final list of participants is available in TD536rev1.
Contributions: 85
TDs (not counting the revisions): 117
Incoming liaison statements: 11
Outgoing liaison statements: 19

Main discussions and results

Working Party 3/5 met in conjunction with ETSI EE from 19 to 23 May 2014, Geneva, Switzerland. 
TSB and ETSI Secretariats presented TD521 which provides information on working methods for the collaboration between ETSI TC EE and ITU-T Study Group 5.    
ITU-T Working Party 3/5 and ETSI plan to continue this collaboration by working on a series of technically aligned deliverables to be developed in the future.

Meeting Reports:

The report of Working Party 3/5 can be found in TD583rev2.

Working Party 3/5 – ICT and climate change 

Working Party 3 made significant progress on its Work Programme and achieved the following key outcomes:

Question 13/5 - Environmental impact reduction including e-waste

Question 14/5 - Setting up a low-cost sustainable telecommunication infrastructure for rural communications in developing countries

Question 15/5 - ICTs and adaptation to the effects of climate change

Question 16/5 - Leveraging and enhancing the ICT environmental sustainability

Question 17/5 - Energy efficiency for the ICT sector and harmonization of environmental standards

Question 18/5 - Methodologies for the assessment of environmental impact of ICT

Question 19/5 - Power feeding systems

New Work Items

Dates of next SG5 meeting and interim Working Party meetings

The next meeting of ITU-T SG 5 is tentatively scheduled for December 2014 in India.
A WP1 and WP2 meeting will take place from 23-29 July 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Rapporteur group meetings (including e-meetings)

Please click here for the complete list of planned meetings.  

Results in terms of Recommendations and Other Publications

Please click here to see the meeting results concerning the Recommendations.

Updates in the SG 5 Management Team and Rapporteurs

Click here for the complete list of the newly appointed SG 5 Rapporteurs and Associate Rapporteurs.
Click here for the complete list of newly appointed SG 5 management team. 
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