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Study Group 5 - Environment and climate change

Results of the meeting of Study Group 5
“Environment and climate change”
(25 – 29 May 2009)

Number of participants: 79

1. New Working Party 3/5: ICT and climate change

In reply to TSAG decision on the enlarged mandate of SG5, a new Working Party (WP3/5) was established: ICT and climate change.

The structure of this WP is as follows:

Chairman: Mr. Keith Dickerson (BT, UK),

Vice chairs: Ms Eunsook Kim (Korea) and Mr. Takeshi Origuchi (NTT, Japan)

Q.# Title Rapporteur
17/5 Coordination and Planning of ICT&CC related standardization Mr. Paolo Gemma
Associate: Mr. Franz Zichy
18/5 Methodology of environmental impact assessment of ICT Mr. Jean-Manuel Canet
Associate: Mr. Takafumi Hashitani
19/5 Power feeding systems Ms Kaoru Asakura
Acting associate: Mr. Didier Marquet
20/5 Data Collection for Energy Efficiency for ICTs over the lifecycle Mr. Gilbert Buty
Associate: Mr. Dave Faulkner
(ex Q19/15)
Environmental protection and recycling of ICT equipments/facilities Mr. Didier Marquet; Mr. Júlio Cesar Fonseca
Associate: Ms Xia Zhang, Mr. Paulo Curado

2. Revised/ new study Questions

With this new area, also the wording of Question 14/5 (studied in Plenary) was revised; the new title is “Guides and terminology on environment and climate change”

The wording of these new/revised questions will be submitted to TSAG Chairman and to the Chairmen of the concerned Study Groups for consultation, as the next TSAG meeting will be held only far after the next SG5 meeting.

3. Work programme

The Work programme of SG5 was revised and completed with the new task of the newly agreed Questions.

It was agreed to open a new series of Recommendations (L.1000-series) for the new Recommendations developed by WP3/5 Questions.

Probably the first Recommendation in this series will be the (provisionally named) L.adaptor under Question 21/5. A liaison statement from GSMA (TD151) requesting the support by ITU-T SG5 for their work on a Universal Charging Solution (UCS) was positively accepted and this subject was put in the work programme of Question 21/5.

4. Results related Recommendations

As normal business of SG5, 2 revised and 2 new recommendations were consented:
  • K.43rev
    Immunity requirements for telecommunication equipment
  • K.51rev
    Safety criteria for telecommunication equipment
  • K.high – K.80
    EMC requirements for telecommunication network equipment (1 GHz - 6 GHz)
  • K.hpem – K.81
    HPEM immunity guide for telecommunication systems
and four Recommendations were amended.

5. Home Networks Special Group

At the November 2008 SG 5 meeting it was agreed, and reported in SG 5 R-01, that a special group would be set up to study some issues regarding damage to equipment in the home environment. At the May 2009 SG 5 meeting it was agreed that Questions 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 13 need to be involved and the scope of work is the following:
  • Look at coupling mechanisms between lightning strikes and the building cabling
  • Determine the waveshapes and magnitudes
  • Investigate and determine reasons for equipment damage
  • Establish wiring requirements, both cable characteristics and installation guidelines
  • Look at solutions where bonding or installation requirements cannot be achieved
  • Review resistibility requirements taking into account the above
  • Investigate the use of MSPDs
  • Specify the requirements for MSPDs
  • Investigate coordination issues between primary protection, MSPDs and equipment. Develop solutions for coordination problems.
  • Risk analysis
The Home Networks Special Group will work electronically using the ITU-T discussion forum and with face-to-face meetings as needed at SG 5 meetings.

6. Technical Session on EMF

A Technical Session on EMF was organized, on Wednesday afternoon (16:00-18:00) in the framework of Resolution 72.

Program of the Technical Session on EMF:
  1. Introduction (Mitsuo Hattori)
  2. Comparison between measurement and calculations; EMF-estimator (Fryderyk Lewicki)
  3. Measurement is to present EMF exposure level in Cote d'Ivoire (Guy Michel Kouakou)
  4. National Guidelines for Human Exposure to Radiofrequency (Tariq Alamri)
  5. Electromagnetic fields Automatic Long Term Measurement System (Josef Opitz)
  6. EMF considerations in Latin America Countries (Héctor Mario Carril)
  7. Conclusions, Questions, comments (All speakers)

7. SG5 Regional Group for Africa

A meeting of the African delegates has been organized during this SG5 meeting, which endorsed the decision to propose the official creation of the SG5 Regional Group for Africa.

Therefore, in accordance with Resolutions 54 (creation of regional groups), and Resolutions 44, 59 and 72 (WTSA-08), a regional group was created, in order to, in the one hand encourage national authorities, operators and consumers from developing countries to work together and better contribute to ITU-T activities on the achievement of EMC in telecommunication installations as well as on EMF and human health and in the other hand to enhance the collaboration on all activities related to “Climate change” in conformity with SG5 extended mandate.

The regional group will mainly work electronically and by correspondence trough designated focal points.

The Coordinators of this Regional Group are:

Mr. Guy Michel Kouakou ( Côte d’Ivoire) and Mr. Peter Ulanga (Tanzania)

8. Joint Coordination activity on ICT and climate change (JCA-ICT&CC)

TSAG during its last meeting also established a new Joint Coordination activity on ICT and climate change (JCA-ICT&CC), which should report to SG5 and TSAG. Taking advantage of the SG5 meeting, a first kick-off meeting of JCA was held, to clarify its mandate and the working methods.

The JCA will work mainly by correspondence and conference calls, but they will have face-to-face meetings during relevant SG meeting. The first physical meeting of the JCA-ICT&CC will be held during the next SG5 meeting.

9. Future activities

After discussion it was agreed that there is no need for interim Rapporteur meetings.

The next meeting of SG5 will be held from 12 – 16 October 2009, in Geneva.


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