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Executive summary of the Study Group 5 meeting (Geneva, 27 April – 5 May 2011)

Participants: 129 from 27 countries (last meeting 123)

Rapporteurs/ Liaison Rapporteurs

Question 6/5: Mr. Claude Monney cannot continue as Rapporteur for this Question. Mr. Ying Xiong (Huawei, China) acting Rapporteur accepted to be the new Rapporteur of this Question.

Question 17/5: After the merging of Questions 17 and 20/5, two co-Rapporteurs were nominated: Paolo Gemma (Huawei, China) and Gilbert Buty (Alcatel-Lucent, France)

Question 22/5: Mr. Franz Zichy (USA) was nominated as Rapporteur of this Question.

Question 23/5: Mr. Dave Faulkner (UK) was nominated as Rapporteur of this Question and Ms Nevine Tewfik (Egypt) was nominated as Associate Rapporteur.

Mr. Agostinho Linhares de Souza Filho (Brazil) has been appointed as Liaison Rapporteur to ITU-R WP 1B and WP 1C. 

Merging of Questions 17/5 and 20/5

It was found that there are overlaps between Q17/5 and Q20/5. It was agreed to merge these two questions into a revised Q17/5.

The revised wording of Q17/5, covering also relevant parts of Q20 was agreed and will be sent to TSAG for endorsement. The wording will be put for approval at the next SG5 meeting.

Results in terms of Recommendations and other publications

SG5 consented on

  • Revised Recommendation K.66 “Protection of customer premises from overvoltages” (Q6/5)
  • Revised Recommendation K.71 “Protection of customer antenna installations” (Q5/5)
  • Revised Recommendation K.72 “Protection of telecommunication lines using metallic conductors against lightning - Risk management" (Q5/5)
  • Revised Recommendation L.1000 “Universal power adapter and charger solution for mobile terminals and other hand held ICT devices” (Q21/5)

SG5 agreed on the following informative documents:

  • Amendment 2 to Recommendation K.70 “Mitigation techniques to limit human exposure to EMFs in the vicinity of radiocommunication stations”: Appendix I – New version of the software EMF estimator (Q3/5)
  • Resistibility Guide (Q4/5)
  • Corrigendum 1 to Recommendation K.77 ” Characteristics of metal oxide varistors for the protection of telecommunications installations”

Progress related to some other Recommendations

Very good progress was achieved in all three working parties regarding the preparation of new/revised Recommendation for consent for the next meeting.

Technical Session on Home Networks

According to the decision of the last SG5 meeting, a Technical Session on Home Networks was held on Friday afternoon, 29 April. The Technical Session was organized by Phil Day, Vice-Chairman of Study Group 5.  

Time Title Speaker
16:00–16:10 Introduction Ahmed Zeddam
16:10–16:30 Damage to equipment in Japan and the US

Tetsuya Tominaga

Mick Maytum

16:30–16:45 Model testing and simulations Yasuhiro Honma
16:45–17:00 Need for special requirements Tetsuya Tominaga
17:00-17:45 Protection against lightning Phil Day
17:45–18:00​ Questions and comments ​ All​


Newcomers’ session

A special session was held for delegates who are not familiar with ITU and especially with ITU-T. 

Information session for Rapporteurs

A special session was organized for Rapporteurs/Editors and other “officials” of the Study Group. The presentation focussed on the working methods, responsibilities and preparation of Recommendations. 

Future meetings

Interim activities

A Rapporteur’s meeting of Q18/5 will take place from 28 June – 1 July 2011 in Geneva. A Rapporteur’s meeting of Q23/5 was agreed to be held on 6 July 2011 in Ghana, the details will be confirmed on the e-mail reflector of the Question.

Next meeting of SG5

The next meeting of SG5 will be held in Korea from 20 - 28 September 2011.  In conjunction with this SG5 meeting, a workshop on ICT&CC is under consideration to take place before this SG5 meeting.
During this meeting Thailand expressed their willingness to host a Study Group 5 meeting in the near future.