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The JCA-NID - Joint Coordination Activity on Network Aspects of Identification Systems (including RFID), was established by TSAG in July 2006. The first meeting took place on 19-21 September 2006 in Geneva. For further historical details please see JCA-NID background and the past meeting archive below.

In February 2011 TSAG renamed the group JCA-IoT (Internet of Things). Please find latest developments at the JCA-IoT web page.


The scope of the JCA-NID is to coordinate the ITU-T work on NID and Ubiquitous Sensor Network (USN). The NID work deals with tag-based identification with three mandatory elements: identifier (e.g. E.164, ISBN, etc.), reader (e.g. RFID interrogator, optical scanner, camera, etc.) and tag (e.g. RFID tag, barcode tag, smartcard, etc.). The USN work includes networking and service aspects of sensor information.

Note: USN in this context is not a physical network, it is a conceptual network making use of existing networks.

Terms of Reference

  1. To coordinate the ITU-T work on network aspects on identification systems initially focusing on the work in the SGs on terms and definitions, the output of the correspondence groups and the technology watch report on USN.
  2. To collect and analyze the list of standardization items and associated roadmap;
  3. To forward urgent standardization issues to relevant SGs and other SDOs as appropriate;
  4. To act as a single point of contact within ITU-T with other SDOs in order to avoid duplication of work;
  5. To assist coordination between ITU-T Study Groups and other ITU groups and to include their representatives; and
  6. To carry out an external collaboration role with other relevant recognized SDOs and to invite their representatives.


  • Convener: Hyoung Jun Kim (Korea)
  • Secretariat: Stefano Polidori (TSB)