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TSAG, at its meeting of January 2012, replaced JCA-HN with JCA-SG&HN

JCA-HN Convenor
Mr. Richard Stuart
Q4/SG15 Rapporteur
Cell Phone: +1410 336 3505
JCA-HN Secretariat:
Mr. Hiroshi Ota
Phone: + 41 22 730 6356

Revised Terms of Reference (as of April 2009)
Joint Co-ordination Activity on Home Networking (JCA-HN)

  1. Scope
    The Terms of Reference of this JCA are consistent with clause 2.2.1 of Recommendation ITU-T A.1. The scope of this JCA is the co-ordination of Home Networking standardization work both inside and outside of the ITU-T.

  2. Objectives
    • The JCA-HN will stimulate the progression of management standardization work in a well-coordinated way.
    • The JCA-HN will facilitate work assignments among the involved Study Groups and co-ordination among other relevant SDOs/fora when it is not clear where the work should be carried out and recommend an allocation of tasks.
    • The JCA-HN will identify areas of duplication and facilitate harmonization of the related specifications and identify areas where specifications are needed. To support these activities, the JCA-HN will actively manage the harmonization and/or development of said specifications in the relevant ITU-T SGs and SDOs/fora by closely working with them and tracking their results.
    • The JCA-HN will act as a point of contact within ITU-T and with other SDOs/fora to support Home Networking specification co-ordination, harmonization, and generation.
    • In carrying out the JCA-HN’s internal co-ordination role, participants in the JCA-HN will include representatives of relevant ITU-T Study Groups and other ITU groups.
    • In carrying out the JCA-HN’s external co-ordination role, representatives from other relevant SDOs/fora and regional/national organizations will be invited to join the JCA-HN.

  3. Leadership
    As needed, co-convenors (maximum of 2) may be proposed by the JCA-HN for approval to TSAG meetings or between TSAG meetings to the TSAG Management Team.

  4. Participation
    Participation is open to leaders and other invited individuals from organizations with expertise and specifications applicable to Home Networking including the following: JCA-HN Participants List

  5. Administrative Support
    The TSB Secretariat will provide secretariat and facilities, including TIES access, required by the JCA-HN.

  6. Meetings and Method of Working
    JCA-HN will work electronically using teleconferences (virtual meetings) and with face-to-face meetings as needed. Meetings will be held as determined by the JCA-HN and will be announced to its participants and on the ITU-T website. A report of each meeting will be produced. Registration is required to participate in the activities of the JCA-HN or to access its documents. For registration and other information, please contact

    It is expected that the JCA-HN will make its decisions by consensus among the participants at the meeting.

    If necessary, more detailed working procedures may be produced by the JCA-HN between TSAG meetings and submitted to the TSAG Management Team for its approval.

    The mailing list dedicated to this activity is

    The JCA-HN may generate liaisons to, or receive liaisons from, the participating organizations as needed.

  7. Progress Reports
    The JCA-HN will submit a report to each TSAG meeting and to the other participating organizations.

  8. Review
    These Terms of Reference are subject to review at every TSAG meeting.

Task Forces have been set up under the JCA-HN on HN architecture and QoS and Terminology.

  • The Task Force on Home Networking Architecture will operate as a group of experts from the relevant ITU-T Study Groups with the deadline of the final report by the end of March 2006. The convenor is Mr. Istvan Sebestyen.
  • The Task Force on Home Networking QoS and Terminology will be open to nominated members of relevant outside bodies. The target date for the work is related to the workshop on QoS to be held in June 2006, the final report being available for SG 12 meeting prior to this workshop. The convenor is Mr. Jean-Yves Monfort (France Telecom).

The JCA-HN will progress its work mostly by e-mail and only hold face-to-face meetings when considered necessary, and in conjunction with relevant ITU-T meetings e.g. Study Group meetings or workshops.

 Overview of Home Network standardization (as per October 2010)

For further information, please contact