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Terms of Reference

JCA-CIT Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference (see Related Documents below) of JCA-CIT are consistent with clause 2.2.1 of Recommendation ITU-T A.1.

The objectives of the JCA-CIT are to coordinate:
  1. The collection and making available of information about testing activities and testing methodologies;
  2. Provision of feedback on collected information as appropriate;
  3. Seeking of input with regard to the implementation of tasks stated in WTSA-08 Resolution 76;
  4. Development of a common understanding of Conformance vs. Interoperability testing;
  5. Development of the requirements placed on writing Recommendations to accommodate testing;
  6. Provision of technical assistance to Rapporteurs and editors writing Recommendations for testing;
  7. Provision of technical assistance to Rapporteurs and editors writing test specifications;
  8. Assistance in the interpretation of the X.290- and Z.160/170-series of Recommendations;
  9. Provision of input towards the evolution of Recommendations that define testing methodology;
  10. Dissemination of information about testing across other SDOs, e.g. ISO, ETSI
  11. Preparation of material for tutorials, workshops, conferences and make presentations as appropriate;
  12. Promotion of the use of a common terminology and methodology of testing;
  13. Finding working methods to co-ordinate activities and improve sharing of results;
  14. Giving guidance on testing in NGN, IPTV, Home Networking and other areas.
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