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What is UIPRN ?

The International Premium Rate Service (IPRS) enables an Information Service Provider (ISP) in a country to be assigned one or more Universal International Premium Rate Numbers (UIPRN), which allow IPRS callers to access information and other services provided by the ISP. For these calls, callers are charged at a premium rate. Detailed charging and accounting principles are defined in the D-Series Recommendations. In some cases, callers may need prior subscription to IPRS with the IPRS originating ROA and/or with the ISP.

ITU-T Recommendation E.155 defines the service description of, and the procedures for, the implementation, operation and management of the International Premium Rate Service (IPRS), which is provided on a managed basis by a Recognized Operating Agency (ROA) in the country of an information service provider, in conjunction with an ROA(s) in the country of the caller.

Through the availability of IPRS, a wide range of products offered by information service providers in one country can be made available to callers in another country. Examples of such products could include:

The Telecommunication Standardization Bureau (TSB) of the ITU has been requested to perform the task of Registrar for UIPRNs, responsible for processing registration requests and assignment of the SN (Subscriber Number) portion of the UIPRN in accordance with ITU-T (new) Recommendation E.169.2 and Recommendation E.155 (International Premium Rate Service).


Who can apply for a UIPRN ?

Only an international telecommunication Recognized Operating Agency (ROA), as defined in the ITU Constitution, can submit an application on behalf of the IPRS (International Premium Rate Service) customer in accordance with the Recommendations E.169.2 and E.155.

UIPRNs will only be assigned to IPRS customers who will use the IPRS service between two or more countries. In other words IPRS customers offering a service that is only accessed from within a single national, or integrated numbering plan, will not be considered eligible.

To qualify for a UIPRN number, the number has to be in-service between two or more countries within 180 days from the date of its reservation with the UIPRN Registrar or it will be cancelled

The UIPRN Format

A UIPRN is composed of a three-digit country code for a global service application (979), followed by a single-digit charging/accounting indicator (CI), and an eight-digit Subscriber Number (SN), resulting in a twelve-digit fixed format (CC+CI+SN).

For example, an IPRS customer's UIPRN could be +979 1 12345678; where + is the international prefix, 979 is the country code for a UIPRN, 1 is the charging/accounting indicator, and 12345678 is the IPRS customer's SN.

All calls to a UIPRN must be preceded by an international prefix.


Charging/Accounting Indicator (CI)

The UIPRN will include a single-digit CI following the global service code (979). The purpose of the indicator is to allow IPRS providers the ability to separate charging rates for premium rate calls, based on subscriber charging preferences. For this purpose four bands were created and have been generally characterized as "High", "Medium", "Low", and "Special". The digits within the indicator are allocated as follows:

Charging Band 1
Reserved for future use
Charging Band 2
Reserved for future use
Charging Band 3
Reserved for future use
Reserved for future use
Reserved for future use
Special Charging Band
Reserved for future use

The specific Charging/Accounting Indicator used with each SN within a UIPRN is determined between the service providers involved and may change on a country-by-country basis. It is recommended that the same SN with different CIs not be implemented in the same country in order to minimize customer confusion and operational complexities.

All ten Charging/Accounting Indicators associated with the charging bands are considered to be a part of a unique set of UIPRNs assigned to an applicant.

Registration Application Fee

The UIPRN Request Form should be accompanied by evidence of payment of the registration application fee for the reservation of the UIPRN by the Registrar. The registration application fee is currently 200 Swiss francs.

Method of payment

Advance payment can be made:

  • by bank transfer to:
    ITU Account No. 240-C8-765.565.0
    UBS SA
    2, rue de Confédération
    CH-1204 GENEVA
    IBAN: CH96 0024 0240 C87655650
    SWIFT No. UBS WCHZH80A Clearing No. 240
  • deduction from the applicant's prepaid account
  • by Credit Cards

Further information

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