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List of ITU Carrier Codes (ICCs)

As the number of telecom operators in each country is growing rapidly, the number of interconnections between their networks is growing even faster. The standardization of designations of all the network interconnections is therefore of great concern for the operators involved. Only then are they able to do the provisioning and maintenance in a systematic and efficient way.

Designation of interconnecting routes are of great importance for identification and information. Technical developments, especially those due to digital technology, have brought a much greater variety of techniques and allow for a more efficient use of equipment.

Information on the equipment and techniques used is of great interest to staff working in the field of maintenance and operation. Present operational conditions can be more complicated than those previously, e.g. as a consequence of greater competition in the field of telecommunication. Another consideration is automated file handling which is often a necessity for network operators/service providers and the standardization of designation is an important factor to facilitate this.

The proper use of ITU-T Recommendation M.1400 – ‘Designations for interconnections among network operators’ requires the identification of the operators sharing the interconnection. To that end an overall list of operators working in a country, with an officially recognized and standardized code for each of them, is of great help. It enables them to identify each other in a comprehensive and unique way. This will eventually result in one integrated database for all connections, in turn improving network operations and administration to the benefit of both providers and clients.

A centralized List of ITU Carrier Codes (ICCs) has been created with the ITU/TSB as the repository. All domestic and international carriers are expected to register with ITU/TSB for a carrier code. Instead of individual operators sending their ICCs to the TSB for registration, the national regulatory authorities are requested to provide the validated codes and related information of domestic network operators directly to the TSB. This list may be used to identify the operators while completing layer 2 records, related information, as explained in paragraph 8.3, 13.3 and 20.3 of ITU-T Recommendation M.1400.

The national authority in each country is requested to:
  • inform the operators in that country on the need of using the carrier codes for designations to be used in inter-operator communication
  • collect the filled-in form from each carrier/service provider/network operator in that country,
  • ensure that the Carrier Codes are unique within that country,
  • ensure that all information on the ICC Notification Form is provided, and to submit the information to the TSB Director

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- A -
   Antigua and Barbuda

- B -
   Bosnia and Herzegovina
   British Virgin Islands
   Brunei Darussalam
   Burkina Faso

- C -
   Cabo Verde
   Cayman Islands
   Central African Rep.
   Channel Islands: Jersey
   Congo (Rep. of the)
   Cook Islands
   Costa Rica
   Côte d'Ivoire
   Czech Rep.

- D -
   Dem. People's Rep. of Korea
   Dem. Rep. of the Congo
   Diego Garcia

- E -
   El Salvador
   Equatorial Guinea

- F -
   Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
   Faroe Islands
   French Departments and Territories in the Indian Ocean
   French Guiana
   French Polynesia

- G -

- H -
   Hong Kong, China

- I -
   Iran (Islamic Republic of)

- J -

- K -
   Korea (Rep. of)

- L -
   Lao P.D.R.
   Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

- M -
   Macao, China

- N -
   New Caledonia
   New Zealand
   North Macedonia

- O -

- P -
   Papua New Guinea

- Q -

- R -
   Russian Federation

- S -
   Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
   Saint Kitts and Nevis
   Saint Lucia
   Saint Pierre and Miquelon
   Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
   San Marino
   Sao Tome and Principe
   Saudi Arabia
   Sierra Leone
   Solomon Islands
   South Africa
   Sri Lanka
   Syrian Arab Republic

- T -
   Trinidad and Tobago
   Turks and Caicos

- U -
   United Arab Emirates
   United Kingdom
   United States

- V -
   Viet Nam

- W -
   Wallis and Futuna

- Y -

- Z -


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