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ITU 150

International Numbering Resources Database

ITU-T E.164: The international public telecommunication numbering plan  
Country Codes (Access restricted to TIES) NEW!
International Shared Country Codes NEW!

ITU-T E.118: The international telecommunication charge card  
IIN (Access restricted to TIES) (issuer identifier number) NEW!

ITU-T E.212: The international identification plan for public networks and subscriptions  
MCC (Access restricted to TIES) (mobile country code)
MNC (Access restricted to TIES) (mobile network code)
International Mobile, shared codes
MCC+MNC used extra-territorially (Access restricted to TIES)

ITU-T E.218: Management of the allocation of terrestrial trunk radio Mobile Country Codes  
TMCC (Access restricted to TIES) (terrestrial trunk radio mobile country code) NEW!

ITU-T Q.708: Assignment procedures for international signalling point codes
SANC (Access restricted to TIES) (signalling area/network code)
ISPC (Access restricted to TIES) (international signalling point code)

Access to this database is restricted to ITU Member States and ITU-T Sector Members only.