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About the ITU-T IPTV-GSI


In accordance with decisions taken at the April 2007 meeting of Study Group 13 the work of the IPTV Focus Group has ended and its documents have been transferred to the appropriate study groups via Study Group 13 for the development of draft Recommendations based on the focus group outputs as appropriate and for the continuation of the work on the unfinished topics.

Based on proposals developed by the chairman of Study Group 13 and the chairman of the IPTV Focus Group and endorsed by TSAG the ongoing work will be carried out under the umbrella of a Global Standards Initiative (the IPTV-GSI). The ongoing work on the outputs from the IPTV Focus Group will be done by the study groups (based on allocations developed by the IPTV-JCA) with coordinated planning of the activities and through co-located meetings of the involved rapporteur groups to progress certain areas of the work as appropriate.

As part of the establishment of the IPTV-GSI the membership of the IPTV-JCA is being extended to include other standards organizations involved with the ITU-T in the IPTV work stemming from the results of the IPTV Focus Group. Also an IPTV-GSI Technical and Strategic Review (TSR) process has been set up. This will operate at every IPTV-GSI event (Study Group meetings and collocated rapporteur meetings) and will bring to the IPTV-JCA any issues requiring guidance or recommendations for action, e.g., concerning work allocation. Mr Masahito Kawamori (NTT, Japan) has been appointed as the TSR coordinator.

Since July 2012, the parent group of the IPTV-GSI is Study Group 16, after TSAG endorsed SG 13’s request to hand over the parent group responsibility for IPTV-JCA and IPTV-GSI to ITU-T SG 16.