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Focus Group on Smart Cable Television

FG SmartCable

(Established 2012-06; Terminated 2013-12)


The evolution of information and communication technology produces innovation for television service provided experiences over cable networks. This will allow advanced capabilities such as personal video communication; telepresence over cable; vertical applications and services; interactive home environment control/monitoring; as well as enhancements of the broadcasting technology itself such as ultra high-definition television, advanced 3D television, free-viewpoint television, etc. In addition, there are many emerging key component technologies for cable television such as very high-efficiency modulation methods being developed in some regions.

The primary aim of this Focus Group (FG) is to assist development of globally unique future ITU-T Recommendations on “Smart Cable Television”, taking advantage of the combination of aforementioned technologies with some possible improvements to existing deployed technologies.

The FG will carry out a gap analysis and produce deliverables based on the existing activities and expertise. It should interact with the various research activities within ITU-T and other standardization communities with the emerging attributes of Smart Cable Television, paying attention not to duplicate efforts. See also the FG SmartCable terms of reference.

The Focus Group Smart Cable Television will work in close collaboration with all ITU-T Study Groups as needed, especially with SG 5, SG 11, SG 13, SG 15, SG 16 and SG 17, through collocated meetings as applicable- for instance on the coordination of respective work programmes and on the coordination of seminars and workshops.

Cooperation and sharing of information with the other ITU sectors (ITU-R, ITU-D), as well as other relevant bodies outside ITU-T (universities, research institutes, SDOs, forums/consortia, regulators, policy-makers) is also expected.

Participation is open to any individual from a country that is a member of ITU who wishes to contribute to the work (see Recommendation ITU-T A.7/Clause 3). Please contact us at for additional information.

Parent group: ITU-T Study Group 9

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