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FG SmartCable mailing list

How to subscribe to the FG SmartCable mailing list

Currently the following email list is available for subscription: To subscribe to this mailing list you will need either a TIES account or a GUEST account.

If you are eligible to have a TIES account, please apply for one here: If you are not eligible for a TIES account, please create your GUEST account here:
  1. To subscribe to the FG SmartCable mailing list using a TIES or a GUEST account, please log in with your TIES/GUEST credentials to the ITU-T Electronic Registration and Subscription Service. Once you have log in, select fgsmartcable and confirm your selection by clicking the Submit button. If you hold a GUEST account, please also send a request to tsbfgsmartcable[at] indicating your GUEST user name.
For additional information on the mailing list system and on how to subscribe, please see

Should you need further assistance, please contact