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E-meeting support tools and features

ITU-T offers the following online meeting tools for its members:
  • GoToMeeting (up to 25 attendees): A web conferencing tool used for fully stand-alone e-meetings, typically Rapporteur group meetings or ad-hoc meetings. It provides screen sharing, audio (VoIP or dial-in), etc. Organizers may run their own meetings, allowing greater flexibility to meet the needs of the attendees.
    GoToMeeting support page (external link)
  • GoToWebinar (between 26 and 1000 attendees): A scaled up version of GoToMeeting that allows an effectively unlimited number of attendees through features such as “raise hand”. In ITU-T, these e-meetings are always managed by TSB staff.
    GoToWebinar support page (external link)
  • Adobe Connect: Digital training, webinar and collaboration tool, used in ITU-T for remote participation at face-to-face sessions, such as Rapporteur group meetings or Question sessions at study group meetings.
    Adobe Connect support page (external link)
  • Webcast: A video and audio streaming service used to broadcast official meetings, such as the opening and closing plenary sessions of a study group meeting. Remote attendees may observe in real time in any of the official languages requested by Member States for the session; however, remote intervention is not permitted. An archive of previous meetings is maintained for viewing at a later date.


Multiple audio connection methods are supported:

  • Computer/device microphone and speakers (VoIP)
    This method allows attendees to use in-app audio at no cost. This normally provides the best possible audio quality when used with a quality headset (ideally USB).
  • Telephone (PSTN) - Toll and toll-free
    If the first option cannot be used, attendees may instead dial in to the audio via a fixed or mobile telephone. Costs may be incurred for the telephone call, the audio quality is likely to be lower than VoIP, and screen sharing will not be available unless the attendee is also connected via an Internet connection.
  • RPhone
    Integrated audio bridge for Adobe Connect to facilitate the joining and management of remote participation, including individual volume control, user identification, dial-out, etc.