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TSB Director's Ad-hoc Group on Education about Standardization

The need to address international ICT standardization in academic curricula is vital for the students of today, as they will become the experts driving the standardization processes of tomorrow.

In this context, "education about standardization" is related not to technology topics, but rather to providing formal information to students at undergraduate and graduate levels on all aspects related to international standards, such as standards development activities, standard strategy planning, and business case studies demonstrating the importance of standards to industry.

Isolated initiatives and experiments abound in this field, and it is clear that coordination would greatly assist in the development of consistent and quality curricula for education about standardization. The TSB Director's Ad-hoc Group on Education about Standardization (AHG-SE) was created as an inclusive platform to facilitate these discussions.
The Ad-hoc Group includes ITU-T standardization experts, representatives of academia, and representatives of other standards development organizations (SDOs) interested in collaborating with ITU-T to advance standards education worldwide. See Terms of Reference.

Participation is open to anyone interested to contribute to the work - members and non-members - that come from a country which is a member of ITU.