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Technology Watch

Technology Watch surveys emerging information and communication technologies and how they can be included within the ITU-T work programme.

Technology Watch Reports are intended to provide an up-to-date assessment of new technologies in language that is accessible to non-specialists. Further, the reports assess the impact of new technologies both on developed and developing countries, analyses relevant standardization activities, with a view to identifying areas for new work in ITU-T.

Tactile Internet

Tactile Internet
​Technology Watch outlines the potential of the Tactile Internet, which will be characterized by extremely low latency in combination with high availability, reliability and security.


Big data

Big data standards
​Technology Watch analysis of big data – the use of technological capabilities to collect, analyze and derive meaningful insights from large sets of data.


Location-based services

​​Spatial standards
​​Precise and accurate location information enhance our association with our natu​ral and built environments, Technology Watch reports.


Mobile money

Mobile money
Two reports highlight the Mobile Money Revolution: financial transactions and servic​es that can be carried out using mobile devices.


Smart cities: Seoul

Smart Cities: Seoul
This report investigates the conceptual underpinnings of Smart Seoul, the use of technologies and mobile-web apps to provide citizen-centric services.


Technology-based learning

Standards for Technology-based Learning
This report surveys technology-enabled learning and emerging technologies, which can contribute to more efficient and affordable education and training for all.