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ITU test event on IPTV, Geneva, 17 January 2017


A suite of ITU-T’s IPTV standards is built on mature technologies and covers the end-to-end IPTV ecosystem, taking into consideration a variety of aspects, including accessibility. Not only standards are regularly updated, but new ones continue to be developed to meet rapidly growing market needs. Associated conformance testing specifications have been developed and are regularly maintained. For this reason, regular testing is needed to verify conformity to standards and to improve interoperability.

Conformance and interoperability testing are key to rapid implementation of new globally interoperable technologies, which is a key business strategy for the ICT industry. And early implementation of international standards that have been recently approved or are nearing completion can be a smart way to explore new business opportunities.

A series of regular IPTV conformance and interoperability testing events are planned at ITU headquarters, Geneva, to offer a continuous platform to test your products based on both existing and developing ITU-T IPTV standards.

​During the conformance testing, ITU-T IPTV testing team to be established by ITU-T SG16 will test participants’ products against ITU-T IPTV Recommendations of their choice. The participants will be able to consider submitting entries of their products which passed the relevant test to populate the ITU Product Conformity Database .

Expected outcomes