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ITU IPTV IPv6 Global Testbed Project (I3GT)


Testing new technologies in different scenarios before rolling them out is an essential part of the implementation of any ICT solution. While ITU-T’s IPTV standards are developed as open, globally interoperable technology, testing is still necessary to provide real-time data on quality of service and interoperability in different environments, regions or countries.
ITU’s IPTV IPv6 Global Testbed connects sites worldwide to test various aspects of ITU-T’s IPTV standards as well as related technologies.
Those who are ITU members and interested in joining the Testbed, please contact us at: .


​The testbed enables experiments on new technologies using ITU’s IPTV standards across international networks. Its objectives include, but are not limited to:

What is and will be demonstrated?

ITU-T IPTV Standards created within the ITU-T IPTV Global Standards Initiative