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2019 Broadcasting Technology Expo and Workshop, Geneva, Switzerland, 17-19 July 2019

​​​​As the current study period draws to a close and preparation for RA-19 and the next study period begin, ITU-R Study Group 6 (SG6) must look to the future and the rapidly evolving world of broadcasting. SG6 is unique in the ITU-R in that its remit covers all aspects of broadcasting including content creation, contribution and distribution thought traditional and hybrid platforms. SG6 is also the reference for studies on quality assessment, image formats, advanced audio formats and the exchange of content. In order to continue to innovate and lead, so with that in mind and in order to initiate new discussions, new studies and to present a future looking vision in the Study Group’s reports of potential new work areas in the next study period, SG6 decides to hold broadcasting technology demonstration “ITU-R SG6 Expo – What’s Next?” (17-18 July) and a short inter-Working Party Workshop (19 July) during the July 2019 meetings.​

The aim of the Expo and Workshop is to increase the opportunities for dialogue and cooperation between the members​​​, and to look at the technology opportunities available as broadcasters, to our audiences and to encourage contributions to new areas of study.

Ideas for demonstrations and/or discussions:

AI - In production

​​5G - For TV production/distribution
​​IBB ​ - For added value services​
​​AR/VR​​ - Immersive/interactive experience​
3D television without glasses
Object-based/scene-based sound services.
All ITU memberships: Member States, Radiocommunication Sector Members, Associates of ITU-R SG6 and Academia are invited to attend this meeting.​
Participants representing ITU-T or ITU-D Sector Members and Associates that do not have Designated Focal Points for registration to ITU-R activities are invited to contact itu-r to registered to this event.