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ITU Workshop: Spectrum Management issues on the use of White Spaces by Cognitive Radio Systems (Geneva, 20 January 2014, 14:00 to 18:15 hours)

The purpose of the Workshop is to provide a high level view on some Spectrum Management issues for the use of White Spaces (WS) by Cognitive Radio Systems (CRS) in Radiocommunications, in the light of the results of RA-12 and WRC-12 agenda item 1.19, including Recommendation 76 (WRC-12) and Resolution ITU-R 58.
The Workshop will include a summary of the related on-going ITU-R studies, as well as presentations on the possible issues indicated in the programme. Experiences from case studies, experiments and/or trials, including some related regulatory aspects and regional activities, are planned to be provided.
It is expected that this Workshop will permit an open discussion of issues and ideas. It should be noted that the Workshop is not intended for the presentation of proposals/contributions to Working Party 1B.
Mr. Sergey Pastukh, Chairman, ITU-R SG 1 
Mr. Naser Al-Rashedi, Chairman, ITU-R WP 1B