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Suspended satellite networks

 Explanation of the columns and symbols used

Title Field Definition

country symbol of the notifying administration​

Date of receipt   d_rcv  

The date of reception given is the date of reception of the relevant Appendix 4 notice forms in the registry of the Radiocommunication Bureau.​​

Date limit for the resumption   Date limit for the resumption  

​The date before which the assignments should be brought back into use

Date of resumption   Date of resumption  

Date on which the assignment has been brought back into regular operation​

Date of suspension   Date of suspension  

Date on which the use of the satellite network has been suspended​

long_nom   long_nom  

nominal longitude of space station​

Notice ID   ntc_id  

Unique identifier of the notice​

ORG   ntwk_org  

symbol of the organization operating regional or international satellite networks​

provision   provision  

Provision of the RR according to which the notice is submitted​

Satellite name   sat_name  
Identity of the satellite network
Status   Status  

Status of the network

  S: Suspended
  J: Initial confirmation of resumption of use
  R: Confirmed resumption of use, No. 11.49.1 conditions fulfilled

Type   Type  


  P: Partial suspension of the network
  T: Total suspension of the network


Table of suspended networks

  • The column ID number contains a link to the SNS data of the network. By clicking on the corresponding ID number, SNS online is opened on a new window.
  • The column sat_name contains a link to the list of publications relative to this network (SNL-B). By clicking on the corresponding satellite name, SNL-B online is opened on a new window.
  • By default the data are sorted by date of suspension.
  •  The table can be sorted by item, ascending or descending, by clicking on the Up / Down links below the column titles.​