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Reference publications (SNL-B)

 Explanation of the columns and symbols used

Title Field Definition

country symbol of the notifying administration​

Date of receipt   d_rcv  

The date of reception given is the date of reception of the relevant Appendix 4 notice forms in the registry of the Radiocommunication Bureau.​​

IFIC date   d_wic  

Date of the BR IFIC / WIC in which it has been published​

long_nom   long_nom  

nominal longitude of space station​

Notice ID   ntc_id  

Unique identifier of the notice​

ORG   ntwk_org  

symbol of the organization operating regional or international satellite networks​

Part/Art.   Part/Art.  

For AP30/30A:
Part A: §4.1.5/4.2.8 of Article 4 of Appendices 30/30A
Part B: §4.1.15/4.2.19 of Article 4 of Appendices 30/30A
Part C: cancellation of a previously published Special Section and/or frequency assignments
Part D: a list of administrations whose agreements are required (§4.1.10ter/4.2.14ter of Article 4 of Appendices 30/30A)

For AP30B:
A5: § 5.6 of Article 5 of Appendix 30B
A6: § 6.33 of Article 6 or § 6.49 of Article 6 of Appendix 30B
A7: Article 7 of Appendix 30B

For Part I-S/Part II-S/Part III-S:
RES 32 : the transaction is subject to Resolution 32 (WRC-19): Application of the provisions of Articles 9 and 11 for non-geostationary-satellite networks and systems identified as short-duration mission

Removal   removal  

Indicates if the transaction has been removed fully (F) or partially (P). More information on CR 377​.

Satellite name   sat_name  
Identity of the satellite network
ssn_no   ssn_no  

Number of the Special Section of the WIC / IFIC​

ssn_ref   ssn_ref  

Symbol indicating reference to the Special Section of the WIC / IFIC (See Section II of the Preface)​

ssn_rev/Sup   ssn_rev/Sup  

Code indicating the action to be taken on the filing - (A) = addition, (M) = modification, (S) = suppression, (C) = correction​

ssn_rev_no   ssn_rev_no  

Number of the revision​

Earth station   stn_name  

name of the earth station​

IFIC number   wic_no  

Number of the BR IFIC / WIC in which it has been published​


Result table

 The first line (Your query) summarizes the query submitted to the database
 The second line allows the navigation inside the set of data. Each page shows 200 lines of data.
By clicking to the page number, you can go to the corresponding page. The first page shows the line number 1 to 200, the second page shows the line number 201 to 400 etc.
  The column ID number may contain a link to the SNS data of the network / Earth station. By clicking on the corresponding ID number, SNS online is opened on the current window.
  The column Satellite name may contain a link to the publication (for API subject to coordination published after 9 June 2015) / a link to the removed assignments (for removal publications)
  The column WIC or IFIC may contain a link to the data of the network / earth station published in the WIC or IFIC corresponding. By clicking on the corresponding WIC / IFIC number, you can download the database ific.mdb corresponding. 
 By default the data are sorted by WIC / IFIC number in chronological order.
 The table can be sorted by item, ascending or descending, by clicking on the Up / Down links below the column titles.
 The lines in yellow correspond to a suppression.
​The lines in pink correspond to a removal.
 The explanation of the column names is given above.