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BR IFIC - News and corrections

​News and corrections relative to the BR IFIC DVD-ROM

Type BRIFIC Date Title
2903   03.09.2019   Implementation of Resolution 907 (Rev.WRC-15) - Availability of a trial version of the application "e-Communications"  
2900   23.07.2019   Cost recovery fee structure for non-geostationary satellite networks subject to coordination has been modified  
2898   25.06.2019   Cessation of SNL Quarterly Publication  
2890   05.03.2019   Correction concerning ific2886.mdb relating to 2 CR/C special sections being distributed in this BR IFIC  
2884   27.11.2018   Update of obsolete antenna pattern_id in the SRS database  
2883   13.11.2018   Release of new version of GIBC software package  
2881   16.10.2018   Note related to the coordination requests of geostationary satellite networks that are included in this BR IFIC  
2879   18.09.2018   Improvement in the feature for capture of service areas in BR software GIMs and Spacecap  
2877   21.08.2018   Submission using the ITU web interface “e-Submission of satellite network filings”  
2868   17.04.2018   Implementation of Resolution 908 (Rev.WRC-15) – Availability of a trial version of the application “e-Submission of Satellite Network Filings”  
2847   13.06.2017   Advance publication information (API) & BRsoft 8.0  
2844   02.05.2017   SpaceVal v.8.0.5  
2841   21.03.2017   Bypassing the 2GB limit of the Microsoft Access MDB file format  
2839   21.02.2017   "As-received" notices  
2837   24.01.2017   BR Soft, SRS V8, "as-received" notices  
2836   10.01.2017   BR Soft, SRS V8, EPFD software, "as-received" notices and conversion of analogue assignments into digital assignments  
2835   20.12.2016   BR Soft, SRS V8-BETA and EPFD validation software  
2834   06.12.2016   BR Soft and SRS V8-BETA  
2833   22.11.2016   BR Soft and SRS V8-BETA  
2832   08.11.2016   The BR IFIC (Space Services) on Dual-Layer type of DVD media  
2831   25.10.2016   The BR IFIC (Space Services) on Dual-Layer type of DVD media  
2824   19.07.2016   New Class of station symbol: UG  
2816   29.03.2016   New Class of station symbols: UF, E5, E6, T5, T6  
2815   15.03.2016   The existing practice of limiting grid-points to above 3° elevation when identifying affected administrations and networks  
2814   01.03.2016   The SpaceQry application has been rewritten  
2812   02.02.2016   Release of the updated version of the SPS software package  
2807   10.11.2015   Changes to the symbols 11.41 and V/11.31.1  
2806   27.10.2015   API database  
2796   09.06.2015   SpaceWISC online submission system for API subject to coordination is now ready  
2789   03.03.2015   Removal of Article 2A Coordination Requests from the Space Plans Systems (SPS) Database