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ITU Regional Radiocommunication Seminar 2022 for Europe (RRS-22-Europe) - Online meeting, 30 August - 8 September 2022

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The ​​International Teleco​mmunication Union (ITU) is organizing the ​Regional Radiocommunication Seminar 2022 for ​Europe (RRS-22-Europe)​.​

This Seminar​ will be held online over the period
​​30 August - 8 September 2022​ (please see the Draft programme, on​ Tab: Information)​ with 3-hour daily sessions​ (weekdays only).

The seminar’s content will be organized as follows (for further details, please see on main​ RRS web site): ​​​​​​​


The lectures and discussions during the RRS-22-Europe will be ​in English only.


The Seminar will follow an online format, with daily sessions from 0900 to 1215 (UTC +1H​); an e-​mail with all instructions about the platform to be used and how to access it will be sent before the event.​

​The Seminar's ​documentation will be available on this page (please see Tab: Download Resources). Given the amount of prac​tical work expected during the workshops, participants are required to install the necessa​ry tools on their laptops in advance; laptops should be able to perform the ​​set of minimal specifications.


ITU Member States and Academia as well as ITU-R Sector Members and Associates are in​vited to attend the RRS-22-Europe​​. Attendance is free-of-charge for their representatives.

Advance registration of all participants is required. Registration will be carried out exclusively online and will require the approval of the corresponding Designated Focal Point (DFP) for ITU-R event registration. Participants will find the necessary information on registration at:​/en/I​TU-R/information/events​.​​​​​​ ​