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ITU WRC-19 Regional Workshop for Region 2 - Havana, Cuba, 21-23 March 2018

​At the kind invitation of the Ministry of Communications of Cuba (MINCOM), the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), is organizing the WRC-19 Regional Workshop for Region 2, to be held at Havana, Cuba, 21-23 March 2018.

The Workshop will cover topics related to ITU’s purpose and mission in radiocommunications, ITU-R’s process for managing spectrum worldwide, the Radio Regulations, it's objectives, concepts, structure and tools, the WRC process, the ITU-R Study Groups, the WRC-19, it's agenda, preparatory process and submission of contributions.

The Workshop will also enable participants to learn about other Regional and Sub-Regional Organizations, their structure and positions for WRC-19. Participants will have the opportunity to debate and exchange views on WRC-19 Agenda items, including IMT, space services and other services.

Event venue

This Workshop will be held as part of the events of the XVII Informatica International Convention and Fair 2018 (Informatica 2018: to be held at the Havana Convention Center, located at: 146th Street, between 11 and 13, Havana 16046, Cuba.


The lectures and discussions during the Workshop will be in English and Spanish, with simultaneous interpretation service (please take into account that the material to support presentations will be available in one of these languages, without translation).


The Workshop will be conducted in a “paperless” environment, i.e. the Workshop’s documentation will be available on this website.


ITU Member States, ITU-R Sector Members, Associates and Academia from Region 2 are invited to attend this Workshop, which is free of charge for their representatives. Registration for this event is carried out exclusively online, through their respective designated focal point (DFP). The list of DFPs for ITU-R Activities, including this Workshop, is available via the 'Registration' information available at this website.

Advance registration of all participants is strongly advised. Unannounced participants might face some delays at the on-site registration desk. For those Member States/Sector Members wishing to modify the indicated DFP or for any further information, please contact the ITU-R Delegate Registration Unit at

Venue, Accommodation and Visas

Information on the Workshop venue, accommodation, visa matters and other practical arrangements are provided on the “General Information” document available at this website. Please note that citizens of some countries are required to obtain a visa in order to enter Cuba (please refer to instructions in the above-mentioned document).