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Structure, Timetable, Schedule, Webcast and Captioning


Bearing in mind Nos. 63 to 74 inclusive of the General Rules of Conferences, Assemblies and Meetings of the Union (Guadalajara, 2010) (hereafter, “General Rules”), the structure of the Conference, including its Committees with their terms of reference, Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen, is provided hereafter​.


WRC-15 daily schedules are established for the work of the conference. Up-to-date information regarding all th​e WRC-15 meeting sessions is available on the following webpage. Weekly schedule of the main sessions with interpretation (e.g. Plenary, Committee and Working Group sessions) is planned by the WRC-15 Steering Committee and reviewed periodically throughout the conference to take into account the progress made. It is available on the following webpage: