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Registration to RA-19 and WRC-19

​​​​​​​​For RA-19 and WRC-19​, the Radiocommunication Bureau deployed a new event registration platform.  The same registration platform will also be used for all ITU-R events scheduled as from 1 S​eptember 2019.  

​What will change? 
​In the new registration system, participants are required to first complete an online registration request form ​and subsequ​ently receive registration approval from their Designated Focal Point (DFP) for ITU R event registration​.

  • Advance registration is required and carried out exclusively online. ITU will not process registration requests without prior approval by the DFP of the corresponding Administration/Entity.  
  • A registration request can only be granted once approved by the DFP. Participants whose registration request is still pending DFP approval will not be granted access to the event venue.  As a result, participants are encouraged to obtain their registration confirmation prior to the event. 

Information for RA-19 and WRC-19 PARTICIPANTS

How to register:

  1. Do you already have an ITU user account or TIES access credentials? If yes, go to step 2; if not, click he​re​ to create an ITU user account and then return to this page,
  2. Click here to access the RA-19 / WRC-19 re​gistration request​​ form,
  3. Complete the online registration request form. After successful submission, you will receive an acknowledgement of successful submission of the registration request,
  4. Your registration request is automatically forwarded to the corresponding designated focal point for ITU-R event registration (DFP)​ ​for approval,
  5. Upon the approval of the DFP, you will receive an email confirmation of registration, which is required to be granted access to the event venue. Participants will also be notified in case the registration request is rejected by the DFP.  ​​​

There is no deadline to register to RA-19 /​ WRC-19. Online registration will be possible until the last day of the event.

However, registration to attend the WRC-19 opening ceremony must be submitted by 15 October.​

How to apply for visa to travel to Egy​pt​ (see Visa Section of the Host Country website)
    • All relevant enquires should be addressed by email to:​ Visas cannot be obtained through the ITU Secretariat. 
    • ​The official email confirmation of registration issued by ITU (see step 4 above) must be presented with a visa request.  
    • Participants are strongly invited to submit their visa request to the Egyptian authorities at least​ 12 weeks, but not less than 6 weeks, prior to travelling to Egypt. ​


Designated focal points for ITU-R event registration (DFPs) ​will be asked to review registration requests submitted on-line from representatives of their Administration/Entity. For​ this purpose, DFPs will receive an email notification to approve/reject ea​ch registration request. 

All DFPs should already have an ITU user account  (former TIES account), which is required to approve or reject registration requests. 

Designated focal points for ITU-R event registration (DFPs) can now

review the full list of RA-19 and WRC-19 registration requests submitted under their Administration/Entity to​ approve (or reject) registration requests​;​

register to RA-19​ and/or WRC-19 - in this case, approval and confirmation of registration is automatic.