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ITU-D Study Groups 1 and 2

How to submit a Contribution

For faster processing and publishing, a template has been prepared for delegates who wish to make a contribution to the ITU-D Study Group meetings,

    1. Select the meeting for which you wish to submit a contribution
    2. Source: indicate the entity which you represent at the meeting
    3. Title: include the title of the proposal/document
    4. Revision: if suggesting a revision to previous contribution please indicate the document number. Any changes in a previous text should be indicated with revision marks (track changes)
    5. Indicate whether your document is for action or for information If you select Action, your contribution will be placed on the agenda, if you select Information your contribution will be available for reference only, and not placed on agenda or discussed
    6. Action required: if the document is submitted for action, the action expected from the meeting should be clearly indicated
    7. Keywords: insert relevant keywords
    8. Questions: click only those Questions to which the proposal relates
    9. Abstract: this field should include a short summary of the proposal
    10. Lessons learned and suggested best-practices (if appropriate): insert lessons learned and suggested best-practices which have been included in the contribution
    11. Text of contribution: This is where the text of your document is to be pasted. If you have tables, graphics, figures or other non-textual elements, they will not be suitably reformatted by the system. In order to solve this shortcoming, you are kindly requested to upload the Word version of the document in the step following the submission of the contribution (step 2).
    12. Enter your contact details for the contribution. These details will be displayed in the footer of the final document.
    13. Click Submit. This will display on-screen the submitted document to enable you to review or amend as required. If you wish to make changes, click the "modify request" on the bottom right-corner of the page. Make your changes and click "modify" to save whatever changes you have made.
    14. When finished, click the "confirm request" button.
    15. In the following step, you will be able to upload the original Word file by clicking "here". This will open an email message which should be used to send the Word file. The secretariat will be able to include these non-textual elements based on the Word model you uploaded, in the final formatted document to be published.

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* As per WTDC Resolution 1 (Rev. Buenos Aires, 2017) input to Study Group or Rapporteur Group meetings may be of three types:
  1. Contributions for action (documents included on the meeting agenda for discussion);
  2. Contributions for information (information documents not included on the meeting agenda or discussed at the meeting);
  3. Liaison statements.

    Contributions requiring action received 45 calendar days before a meeting shall be translated and published not less than seven calendar days before the said meeting. Beyond this deadline, the contributor may submit the document in the original language and in any official language into which they may have been translated by the author.

    Contributions should be submitted with an abstract providing an overview of the content of the document and should clearly indicate what kind of action the meeting is requested to take.

    A contribution "for action" will be considered as a delayed contribution when it is submitted after the agreed translation deadline (45 days before the meeting) but at least 12 days before a meeting. The secretariat shall publish these delayed contributions as soon as possible and not later than three working days after receipt.

    Contributions for action received by the Director less than 12 calendar days before a meeting shall not be entered on the agenda nor distributed, but held for the next meeting.

    Contributions submitted to a meeting "for information" are those which do not require any specific action under the agenda of the meeting. These documents are published in the original language only and posted on the website under a separate series. Information documents need to be submitted with a detailed abstract which will be translated for the meeting.

    Contributions "for action" and/or "for information" should not exceed four (4) pages.


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