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Deadlines related to ITU-D Study Group meetings in September 2014

​In accordance with provision 13.1.1 of WTDC Resolution 1 (Rev. Dubai, 2014), the deadline for the submission of contributions for action that would need to be translated for the meetings has been set for 31 July 2014 for Study Group 1, and 7 August 2014 for Study Group 2.  Documents arriving after the deadline will be distributed in the original language only.

​Meeting​Date​Deadline for fellowship applications​Deadline for interpretation requests​Deadline for submission of documents for translation
​Study Group 1​15-19 September 2014​15 August 2014​31 July 2014​31 July 2014
​Study Group 2​22-26 September 2014​​15 August 2014​​31 July 2014​7 August 2014