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Regulatory & economic metrics


​Please find below links to our ​Regulatory Databases:

ITU DataHub​
Track the digital transformation with the ITU DataHub, featuring hundreds of ICT indicators on connectivity, markets, affordability, trust, governance, and sustainability. Find, compare, and download data for nearly 200 economies. 

ICT Regulatory Tracker​
The ICT Regulatory Tracker is an evidence-based tool to help decision-makers and regulators make sense of the rapid evolution of ICT regulation.The Tracker pinpoints the changes taking place in the ICT regulatory environment. It facilitates benchmarking and the identification of trends in ICT legal and regulatory frameworks. The Tracker does not measure the quality, the level of implementation or the performance of regulatory frameworks in place, but records their existence and features. It helps track progress and identify gaps in regulatory frameworks, making the case for further regulatory reform towards achieving a vibrant and inclusive ICT sector.​​​

G5 Benchmark
The conceptual framework of the generations of regulation can best be described as a regulatory ladder. Gens 1 through 4 reflect the evolving levels of regulatory maturity, focusing narrowly on the telecom and then the ICT sector while Gen 5 marks a major shift from sector-specific to holistic, cross-sector policies and regulations. Generations 1 through 4 are measured through the ICT Regulatory Tracker. Generation 5 is measured through the G5 Benchmark.

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