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EUR1 Spectrum management and transition to digital broadcasting


Objectives adopted by WTDC - 14: To foster regional cooperation, mainly supplemented by direct assistance to the administrations in the process of analogue TV switch-off, and management of the frequencies in the digital dividend bands, which are to be utilized bearing in mind the most effective use of radio spectrum.

Achieved Results

  • ​Knowledge and capacity of over 50 participants from 17 countries from EUR and CIS regions built on the subjects of Spectrum Management and related tools, analogue switch-off (ASO) process, as well as the utilization of Digital Dividend.


Expected results adopted by WTDC-14

Assistance to the countries in need in the following:
1) Transition from analogue to digital terrestrial broadcasting and switch-off process
2) Capacity building in spectrum management, including in the digital dividend band
3) Elaboration of studies, benchmarks and guidelines on the economic and policy aspects of the assignment and use of the radio-frequency spectrum.



Training activities:



Implementation plan agreed by 2015 Regional Development Forum

Implementation partners

  • ​National Media and Infocommunications Authority of Hungary (NMHH)