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ITU High Level Regional Meeting for Building Partnership with Academia in the Field of Cybersecurity, Amman – Jordan, 4 December 2018


The purpose of this meeting is to bring the decision makers of the academia sector and the relevant stakeholders on the same table to create a common understanding, and a possible vision for improving the cybersecurity in the Arab region.

The main objective is to establish a partnership between academia sector and other ITU members in the Arab region in order to build confidence and security in the use of ICTs, and to shed light on the importance of creating academic professionals in cybersecurity in the Arab region.

The specific objects of the ITU High Level Meeting are as follows:

  • Facilitate dialogue among the officials from academia and research institutions and all the involved stakeholders in the Arab countries to create a common understanding and vision for improving cybersecurity in the Arab region
  • Bring up all academia sector in the Arab region to discuss challenges related to the academic curricula in cybersecurity
  • Engage decision makers in Governments and make them aware about the importance of building confidence in the use of ICTs and the need to invest in cybersecurity.
  • Explore the priorities for Arab administrations related to cybersecurity
  • Define mechanisms for developing a training awareness and develop professional training programs on building confidence in the use of ICTs and cybersecurity issues to bridge the shortage of skills in this area in the region.
  • Create a support network of academic experts to help in the development and implementation of the cybersecurity initiative.

    Who should participate:

    ITU members are invited to this meeting, especially the officials from the Academia, Ministries of information and communications technologies, regulators, industry, and CIRTs in Arab Countries. In addition, all stakeholders relevant to cybersecurity in the Arab region are also invited.