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Joint Workshop CITEL-ITU on Emergency Telecommunications

Statistics Workshop


The Workshop will focus, among other interesting subjects, on the Experiences and Lessons Learned in Recent Disasters, including observations, needs, opportunities and best practices, as well as the legal and regulatory environment required; Telecommunication/ICT Networks and Applications – From Preparedness to Recovery, building redundancy and protecting communications systems in times of crisis, prioritizing the protection, restoration and use of telecommunications networks in emergency situations; and Creating and Implementing a National Emergency Communications Plan including presentations of examples of disaster management plans that link communications to national disaster response priorities.


PurposeIdentify lessons learned, and next steps to continue momentum, give Recommendations to ITU for ongoing work, highlight the importance of developing a Regional emergency communications plan; identify Regional Disaster POC’s; raising the WTDC-14 Disaster Study Questions, guides and resources for comment and further action.


  • ITU Member States;
  • ITU-D Sector Members;
  • Regulators, Associates, Regional Organizations, Representatives of Industries and Civil Society.

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