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Number Portability Workshop, Paramaribo, Suriname - 28 to 30 April 2015

Statistics Workshop


Number portability (NP) is another means of increasing consumer choice and stimulating innovation and competition as it allows consumers to change their service providers without changing their phone numbers. As new mobile licences and establishment of local IXPs are becoming more prevalent in the Caribbean region, introduction of NP in local markets are also becoming more urgent.


This workshop is part of a regional capacity building training initiative on NP and is intended to educate principally regional telecommunication regulators, policy makers, legislators and other technical staff involved in interconnection and related issues, who are interested in acquiring a better understanding on the cost, benefits, and opportunities of NP. The workshop will be delivered by Mr. James Wild, the principal consultant and NP expert at Laurasia Associates Ltd., based in the United Kingdom.


ITU Member States, Regulators and ITU-D Sector Members in the Caribbean region.

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