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Project Management Tools

BDT has taken several steps to strengthen its project execution role by developing the necessary tools and methodology to facilitate project development and better project management. To this end, ITU Project Management Guidelines and Template forms are available for the use of project managers.

The BDT is responsible for providing support for the development of projects and Regional Initiatives, coordinates the drafting, negotiation and finalization of project documents and leads the development of frameworks, for the consistent monitoring, implementation, evaluation and reporting of ITU projects.


BDT developed ITU Project Management Guidelines to smoothen the transition from the traditional activity-based project management approach towards the Results Based Management (RBM) approach. The Guidelines provide a systematic approach for managing ITU projects. It covers all phases of the project management cycle, from the design to the closure.


​Based on the accumulated project implementation experience in BDT, the following templates are being used, as standard project documents, to facilitate implementation of RBM based project management methodology: