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Post Implementation Assessment Reports

Since 2016, BDT started to conduct post implementation assessments for a number of implemented ITU projects. These assessments aim to review the relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of the implementation of the projects, as well as the achieved results. The outcome of each review is based on an objective analysis that reflects the results achieved and decisions taken, as to be able to draw lessons learned that may help improve the design and implementation of future ITU projects. You can click on the below links to access the post implementation assessment reports.


Argentina : e-Waste pilot plant


Fiji : Capactiy building for countering misappropriation of telephone numbers in Pacific Island Countries


Broadband wireless network system in Rwanda


Digital Broadcasting and Radio Frequency Plan in Thailand


Natural disaster early warning system in Zambia


Connect a school, connect a community in the State of Palestine


Project on Capacity Building at rural internet centres in Thailand

  Project on restoring connectivity through the use of the movable and deployable ICT resource Unit in the Philippines

  Project on the National CIRT Establishment in Barbados


Connect a school, connect a community in the union of Comoros

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