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Capacity Building and ICT Policy,
Regulatory and Legislative Frameworks Support
for Pacific Island Countries (ICB4PAC)

ICB4PAC was focusing on the countries of the Pacific belonging to the ACP Group of States.
It was addressing the needs expressed by regional organizations and the Pacific Island States (PIS) relating to capacity building in ICT policies and regulations, and e-readiness. The Project was a response to a request for support and cooperation to promote and implement closer collaboration and harmonization of telecommunication policies, legislation, strategies and regulations. This was meant to empower each country to implement the necessary reforms. 

The Project
 aims to build human and institutional capacity in ICT through a range of targeted training, education and knowledge-sharing measures by applying the unique methodology of the Project throughout the region. It is also developing background material for harmonized ICT market policies.



The Project was officially presented to the major stakeholders on November 26-27, 2009 in Nadi, Fiji. A total of 42 participants from 15 countries have represented many regional organizations, private sector and academia. For comprehensive report on the meeting, please click here.






Following the validation and approval of this region-wide activity, in-country technical assistance was made available to individual countries in order to apply the acquired knowledge to practice. The assistance was being provided by a so-called troika: a combination of the experts that worked on the regional knowledge reports, national experts (where available), and representatives from the ministries and regulators of the region’s more advanced countries.

The overview table of the in-country technical assistance is available here.