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ITU-D information portals and online tools


ITU Academy is a BDT initiative intended to assist developing countries by making available ICT education, training and development opportunities at the highest possible levels of quality.


The ICT-Eye website is a one stop-shop for ICT information and provides telecommunication/ICT indicators and statistics, regulatory and policy profiles, national tariff policies and scientific institutions, and much much more.


A public-private partnership effort to promote broadband school connectivity to serve both students and the communities in which they live.



The Global Regulators' Exchange (G-REX) is a password protected website* for national communications regulators, policy makers and regional regulatory organizations.

This exciting initiative, launched by the Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in May 2001 provides a vehicle for sharing information, views and experiences on pressing regulatory issues. Regulatory information is key to creating an enabling environment to bridge the digital divide.
The most popular feature of G-REX is the Hotline through which regulators and policy makers can pose any question they wish and seek feedback from their colleagues around the world. G-REX Advisors translate all postings into French, Spanish and English and research regulators’ websites to find useful information responsive to Hotline queries.
G-REX is managed by the Regulatory & Market Environment Division (RME):