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Winners of ITU Innovation Challenges 2019


Winning Ideas (Budapest)

Tomorrow Lab 
To offer the market an approach that aims to generate user-inspired, collaboratively designed, disruptive solutions to a specific problem, Tomorrow Lab (TL) was created. By using empathy, TL promotes powerful experiences to solve real user problems, through renowned methodologies such as Design Thinking and Lean Startup, which makes the whole idea generation process more creative and innovative.
Accra Digital Center
The Accra Digital Centre (ADC) is a Government of Ghana mini Technology Park, set under the Ministry of Communications to harness the digital potential of Ghana by promoting Digital entrepreneurship, innovation, creation of digital and ancillary jobs for the youth by hosting Tech firms and Digital Start-ups.
Observatory of Digital Technologies and Public Policy Trends
To help Mexico leapfrog its digital transformation and benefit from the advancements of 4IR, the idea of building an observatory of digital technologies and public policy trends was developed. The aim is to identify best practices and provide the government and all interested stakeholders with key elements for public policy to enable Mexico to become a country with a “first-mover advantage” instead of a “last-mover disadvantage.”
Cysec - Protecting the world's assets
The rapid growth of digital data during the past few years has raised the question of data transmission and storage. To assist companies in data protection and management, Cysec provides businesses with robust secure execution environments, where data can be stored and leveraged to design monetized products and services.
Capacity Building Accessible Anywhere Anytime
The Centre of Digital Innovation (CoDI), constitutes of several activities all targeted towards contributing to the human capital pillar of the The National Plan for UAE Smart Government. These activities include capacity building by conducting ICT related online, onsite or videos on demand courses.
Boosting & Accelerating Chilean Ecosystem
Start-Up Chile (SUP) is a public startup accelerator created by the Chilean Government for high-potential entrepreneurs to launch their startups and use Chile as a foundation. First program of its nature in the world, it has grown its networks and has been the focus of academic research all over the world.
Insights - Innovation Community
Insights helps companies innovate by solving real business problems with the help of a nationwide community of creative and entrepreneurial high-school students. Insights is a concept built on top of another project called "I want to be an Entrepreneur" which is one of the largest programs in Romania aimed at promoting entrepreneurial thinking.
Summerside Prince Edward Island Living Lab Program
Summerside created ongoing support programs that have been honed to reduce the risks of expansion by establishing cost certainties, improving returns and easing the start-up transition through their Living Lab Platform. This platform offers a solid environment in which companies can develop market solutions with validation and lead a full-scale deployment of products and services. 
Open innovation in Mobile Agriculture- Telenor Pakistan
  Telenor Pakistan, a Pakistani mobile data and digital services provider, launched Mobile Agriculture services. These services aim at fostering an open innovation ecosystem whereby partnerships are created between Telenor’s Mobile Agriculture service and tech start-ups to co-create and build innovative disruptive solutions together to address the needs of Pakistan’s rural based farmers.
First virtual IT Park "Moldova IT Park"
Acting as a cluster facilitator, the Moldova IT Park provides organizational platform with a set of innovative tools and new approaches to accelerate the transformation of economy, streamlining corporate innovation practices, boosting the growth of the IT industry, supporting partnerships, creating new jobs and attracting local and foreign investment.
Smart Incubation Replication Grows Innovation (SIR-GI)
SmartXchange is a Non-Profit Business Incubator based in South Africa. It specializes in the Media, Information, Communication, Technology and electronics sector (MICTe). The incubator aims at assisting individuals in building new digital skills and helping start-ups scale, for communities to leapfrog their digital transformation.


Winning Ideas (Busan)

Certified Ethical Technology
The Institute of Technological Ethics specializes in applied ethics within the specific context of advanced computer technology. The aim of the project is to develop methods and processes that enable technology companies to conduct ethical analysis when building new products.

Rural Innovation Lab (B-Lab)
Focusing on local economic growth, B-Lab will facilitate virtual incubation platform to promote agro-based businesses and services. The main objective of B-Lab is to address the unemployment challenge by creating entrepreneurship and self-employment opportunities.

Coding with UKE - Programming Learning for Children
The UKE project aims at teaching children how to use the available tools and technologies and promotes, at the same time, their digital competencies and digital literacy.

Bit Bots, STEAM ed. solutions
The development in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) is inevitable, so to fill this gap in technological knowledge and skills, Bit Bots was developed, providing science, technology and robotic products and services at an affordable price.

Code & Play: Coding Club & TechKids Camp for young generations
The Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI) has been developing the Code & Play programme to provide students with opportunity for early exposure and education to programming and coding, amongst others.

Web Analytics Community Development
 House of Progress, based on growth hacking strategies, aims at helping companies understanding their potential customers at a very deep level as well as gathering and analyzing data easily and efficiently. 

Developing and Accelerating Smart Sustainable City Solutions in Russia and Beyond
Evercity provides early stage investment and acceleration for tech companies that help make global cities smarter and more sustainable. By selecting the best blockchain, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, biotech, and cleantech projects in alignment with UN Sustainable development goals, Everycity helps cities find further investments and deployment in smart cities in Asia and around the world.

MOVENS - Technology for Social Movements
MOVENS is a collaboratively data collection and repository tool, built in the shape of a web and mobile app that would allow Non-Govermental Organizations to measure their activities and evaluate their performance to take strategic decisions to improve their impact in society.

Gamifiying Science Education (GamiSciEd)
GamiSciEd is a centralized learning platform that would increase scientific capacity of the developing world through interactive competitive science-based games.

Inspire Entrepreneurs
Inspire wants to help raise aspirations and engagement in education by creating a digital platform focusing on enterprising education. It will be used to help young people discover ways they can start their own enterprise, access further education and get advice about their futures.

The vision of EduPoint is to build Africa's largest most trusted peer to peer tutoring platform which will help millions of Africans significantly achieve their learning goals in almost any area of interest; while also creating a source of income for millions of teachers across Africa ranging from unemployed graduates, students, school teachers, trainers, and instructors.

Homeschooling platform
The homeschooling platform would allow addressing the school occupancy challenge by allowing children throughout the country to have access to affordable education, ensuring their possibility of mastering gadgets and advanced technologies. This homeschooling platform could indirectly contribute to the equal access to education.

GifTeD, provides everyone with the ability to generate trust worthy information by collecting data and using it for decision making that will lead to realize the country’s 2040 dream.

Energiest will address the charging problematic through a mobile application that connects electric vehicles' drivers with the nearest home electric chargers' points. The application will calculate the required money for this service according to the amount of supplied energy, in a simple way.

Barter Currency
Barter Currency is a socioeconomic and technological inclusion application, was developed. It is made to facilitate exchanges and donations, and acts as the creator of quotes for data exchange and other information for people who have little currency availability.

Mission Possible: Social Innovation Labs
To establish equal opportunities for young people around the world, Social Innovation labs were created. The aim is to reframe societal issues into opportunities through an online application and workshops where youth can enhance and learn new skills. 

Young IT Professional Development
The Young IT professional development program has been suggested. It aims at creating employment opportunities for students who will be able to help their employers modernize their internal processes. 

WomenLead aims at providing digital services to equip 200 women in Myanmar with the right business skills to help them develop their careers and improve their lives.

Powering Dgital Reach to Relevant Arabic Information through AI
To empower Arab citizens online, Sejaal, an AI-enabled Arabic content platform allows to classify and distribute media relevant information seamlessly through a personalized feed.

Empowered - eWork Solution for Persons with Disabilities
Empowered, an accessible, online platform that connects people with disabilities to digital jobs. The solution is an accessible, virtual work platform that will offer persons with disabilities the opportunity to access employment and service provider contracts from the comfort of their homes.

Pan-African Center for Autism (PACA)
PACA is a Marketplace where caregivers are trained, certified and hired by care recipients, and it systematically builds a self sustaining community for young adults with special-needs.

OneAcademy is a platform that combines a learning management system, virtual classrooms, and an e-commerce system into one solution, was created. 

Save The Chicken AI
Save the Chicken AI application helps, as its name indicate, save chicken by performing instant diagnose based on the picture of the infected bird. 

Qumaq - Instant help
Qumaq provides affordable copter drones that are controlled using a custom automated platform, rather than relying on a pilot.

RegoPantes: Help Farmers, Get Fresher Products
This online market solution for agricultural products connects farmers and consumers and facilitates the purchase of healthy goods. Farmers will sell their products online and consumers will receive their orders at home.

To empower African artists and give them a voice, Publiseer, a digital content distribution platform, allows them to publish, protect, promote and monetize their creative works on 400+ partner stores in 100 countries, at no charge, with a single click.

Zip Services Platform
Zip Services Platform provides on demand taxi, delivery, and professional services by connecting customers with service providers by utilizing GPS technology. It offers a secure payment method and is available in six languages. 

DamoGO: Rescue Delicious Unsold Food Around You! Tackle Food Waste With Us!
DamoGO mobile application allows users to find and purchase perfectly unsold goods at a discounted price to avoid waste. 

WaterKit is a social enterprise that uses machine learning and AI on community-generated big data for water resources to help governments and humanitarian organizations make real-time policy decisions for better planning and action. 

Bridging the Urban-Rural Divide by Digitizing the Rural Retailer
PriceOye’s DukanWala, a technology based platform, connects rural customers to urban sellers. Customers can walk-in to any partner retailer and order products from the entire country through the internet enabled devices placed within local retailers.