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Ecosystem Performance and Good Practices

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Gain insight into your ecosystem's performance in the global level and find good practices to improve it.​Digital change-maker presenting scalable good practices


As of 2021, only 30 countries have strong performance in the three key indexes of ICT-centric innovation: ICTs (ITU IDI), innovation (GII) and entrepreneurship (GEDI).
These three indexes reflect the overall economic performance of the three engines of growth — the technology, innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems— that need to work together to enable digital transformation. ​Understanding the level of development of these engines of growth is key to benchmarking a country's performance. Once this benchmark is established, and the gap assessed, good practices are needed to fill address issues in ICT-centric innovation ecosystems.  A good practice is a proven practice   that   yields   evidence-based impact and successful results, and can be scaled-up and replicated. Good practices are needed to help:
With good practices, you can effortlessly add value to  your  ecosystems'  initiatives.  However, a good practice should not be replicated “as is", because every ecosystem and project is different. ​
WTDC-17's final report  takes note of this, with ITU membership seeking support from the innovation programme (Output 3.4) “ in raising awareness   about   digital   innovation   ecosystems   and   related   new technological trends as well as best practices that influence digital transformation" in developing countries in particular. 
Sharing and implementing good practices that foster digital entrepreneurship and innovation helps improve a country's performance and productivity.​

Good Practice Reports

ITU's upcoming series of reports; Regional Good Practices: Accelerating innovation, entrepreneurship and digital transformation; shares good practices from ITU's regions. The series, based on desk research, dives into the what, why and how of good practices for digital transformation. Each report explains the role of digital transformation in reaching national development priorities achieving sustainable development, elaborates on key terminologies introduced in the first good practice report, includes an analysis of the region's ICT-centric innovation ecosystem and policies, and selected good practices from most countries.​ ​
This research also feeds into a new ITU database that will enable countries to benchmark their digital innovation ecosystems against those of other countries, with an at-a-glance overview of their country's strengths, shortcomings and existing good practices.   
Read our benchmark reports​: