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Panel Session on Early Warning Systems (EWS)

​This panel session on Early Warning Systems (EWS) was held in conjunction with the ITU-D Study Group 2 Question 5/2 meeting on “Utilizing telecommunications/ICTs for disaster risk reduction and management”. This session took place on Tuesday, 8 May 2018, from 16:00-17:30, at ITU Headquarters (ITU Tower building, Popov Room) in Geneva, Switzerland.

Objective of the session

This panel session aimed to bring together experts who shared their knowledge and experience on the practical assessment of disaster risk reduction and management at the national level, in organizations, and in critical infrastructure sectors. 

Scope of the session

The scope of this panel session was mainly focused on early warning systems as follows:                

A. Disaster prediction and detection

B. Emergency alerting

C. Safety confirmation and evacuation guidance

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​1600 - 1610 Opening Session
​​​1610 - 1720 ​​Discussion                    

Theme 1: Technological and standardization advancements and issues
Theme 2: Policy and economic issues
Theme 3: Lessons Learnt and Best practices                                 



​1720 - 1730 Closing Session