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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ethiopia: Computer Training and Braille transcribing service. 

(Fully operational)
Under this project ITU assists the ATCB by procuring the suitable equipment to be used for training blind individuals to operate computers with adaptive equipment such as speech synthesizers, magnifying hardware-software and Braille displays. 
The main outputs of this project are the following:
  • Suitable equipment is deployed in the centers identified;
  • Identified equipment purchased, delivered and installed;
  • Expert’s missions to train the trainers in the centers in the use of the equipment conducted;
  • Awareness among the general public related to the rights and privileges of the blind in Ethiopia in the usage of computers with adaptive technologies through organization of events etc.​​​

Mali: MCT Project for Persons With Disabilities "CyberHand" 

(Under development)
The objective of this project is to assist persons with disabilities (PwDs), and in particular the blind people, to access and use the information and communication technologies (ICTs) and to facilitate the integration of this group into the civil society (e.g. schools, professional activities).


Burkina Faso: Creation of an Internet Café for blind people, visual impaired persons and design of a suitable ICT training environment.

(Under development)
The project aims to support the efforts made by the Government of Burkina Faso for creation in a "cybercafé" open to all but with equipment and software adapted to persons blind and visual impaired. This project also targeted on the technical expertise in the field of ICTs for blind and visual impaired persons in order to help them to participate in social and economic activities. This approach should allow the blind and visual impaired individuals to increase their chances to find stable employment and improve their incomes and their conditions of life in the long term.​