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Internet for all training program in Costa RicaWhat is this program doing?

It includes a session to build national political buy-in for ICT accessibility and national capacity building in web accessibility (development of accessible digital content and the design and development of accessible websites). It also proposes a self-sustainable model to provide funding for the training of persons with disabilities in the use of accessible websites by creating national certification in web accessibility. For more information please contact:

To whom is it addressed?

Any country willing to ensure that their public websites are accessible to persons with disabilities.

In which languages is it available?

Arabic, English, French and Spanish.

Internet for all training program in Costa RicaWhat ITU does

  • Half-Day political buy-in session to encourage governments and decision makers to create a national ecosystem of digital ICT accessibility that contributes to the digital and social inclusion of persons with disabilities in their respective countries;
  • Two training courses on:
    • Development of accessible digital content (Word, PDF, Power Point, Excel) and document remediation (2-day training course with ITU instructors leading to ITU certification)
    • Design and development of accessible websites (2 and a half-day in-person training and one month online with ITU instructors, leading to ITU certification)

A Self-sustainable model of digital inclusion for persons with disabilities

The funds generated by the certification will be shared between: the national training provider ( e.g. a national university) and a national fund (continuously fed through the certification fees) created to educate and train persons with disabilities on web accessibility to allow them to benefit from information, products and services just like any other citizens of the country. 

 Internet for all sustainable model