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​Model ICT Accessibility Policy Report, G3ict-ITU, 2014

Model ICT Accessibility Policy ReportTo assist governments and other stakeholders around the world address key issues in promoting ICT accessibility, ITU and the Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs (G3ict) published the Model ICT Accessibility Policy Report.
The Model ICT Accessibility Policy Report is designed to be a tool for national policy-makers and regulators to create their own ICT accessibility policy frameworks. 
The Report offers concrete solutions for ITU members and all relevant stakeholders as they strive to implement successful national ICT accessibility policies. It supports ITU members in the realization of the Connect 2020 Target on the creation of an enabling environment for accessible telecommunications/ICTS for persons with disabilities. With this report ICT accessibility can become a reality.

The report is available in EnglishArabicFrenchSpanishChinese and Russian

Accessibility of PDF report checked and edited by BarrierBreak (​).

e-book version available here

The ICT opportunity for a Disability-Inclusive Development Framework, Broadband Commission for Digital Development, G3ICT, IDA, ITU, Microsoft, the Foundation and UNESCO, 2013

The ICT opportunity for a Disability-Inclusive Development FrameworkThe ICT Opportunity for a Disability-Inclusive Development Framework contributes to a better understanding of the extent to which information and communication technologies (ICTs) enable and accelerate the social and economic inclusion of persons with disabilities.

It highlights that when ICTs are available, affordable and accessible, they significantly improve access to all aspects of society and development. It also lists challenges that are still to be addressed while outlining concrete actions to be undertaken by each group of stake holders - including national governments, the private sector, and civil and international organizations - and relevant indicators to monitor progress towards the achievement of a disability-inclusive development agenda.

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