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Study Group Question 6/2 on ICTs and the Environment

The ITU-D Study Question 6/2 on ICTs and the Environment, was approved by the World Telecommunication Development Conference 2017. It will cover the study period 2018 – 2022. The Question focuses on the topics of climate change and ICT waste material, and is the result of the previous Study Questions 6/2 on ICTs and climate change and 8/2 on Strategies and policies for the proper disposal or reuse of telecommunication/ICT waste material.

ICTs play a key role in addressing the major challenges related to climate change and sustainable development. Question 6/2 will study the opportunities of ICTs for monitoring climate change, mitigating and adapting to its effects and assisting in the transition towards a green and circular economy.

In the area of electronic waste, the Question will address the challenges of e-waste. The growth of telecommunications/ICTs, especially in developing countries, has been exponential in recent years. Many people own more than one ICT device and replacement cycles for mobile phones and other devices are becoming shorter, leading to  an increasing amounts of electronic waste (e-waste) coming from the ICT sector. Too little of this e-waste is being recycled. According the Global E-waste Monitor 2017, by 2016, the world generated 44.7 million metric tonnes (Mt) of e-waste and only 20% was recycled through appropriate channels. 

The work of this question will be done in close collaboration and consultation with ITU-T Study Group 5 and ITU-R Study Groups.

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Study Period Outputs for Question 6/2: ICT and climate change

Study Period Outputs Question 8/2: Strategies and policies for the proper disposal or reuse of telecommunication/ICT waste material