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Study Group Questions on the Environment

Within the ITU's Development Sector (ITU-D), Study Group 2 includes two study questions that deal with environmental protection and ICTs. These provide an opportunity for all ITU Members to share experiences, learn, present ideas, exchange views, and achieve consensus on appropriate strategies to address ICT priorities. Find out more information on ITU-D Study Groups.

Question on ICT and Climate Change

ITU-D, Study Group 2 Question 6/2:  ICT and climate change.  The issue of climate change has emerged as a global concern and requires global collaboration by all concerned, in particular the developing countries, which are the most vulnerable group of countries with respect to climate change. More >

Question on E-waste

ITU-D, Study Group 2 Question 8/2: Strategies and policies for the proper disposal or reuse of telecommunication/ICT waste material. The exponential growth of telecommunication/ICT makes it imperative to put forward actions in the immediate future to prevent the environmental catastrophe that would result in developing countries if we fail to produce an adequate regulatory framework and work towards policies that address this problem. More >